I Remember


I remember faintly waiting in the living room

For guests to arrive as night was already coming soon

Later i found a girl who arrived too early, or rather the celebrant arrived just late

Carrying liquor, drinks and other poisons i might hate


Little did i know, as i glanced

I witnessed the girl who would later make my heart dance

We talked, and talked, then talked some more 

It ment nothing much just two colleagues talking to a bore


A few days past and still i never knew

I would wake up one day hang over, and thinking of you

Although i did forget, even with my drunk self, i never did regret

How i screamed and kissed your hand and the poet in me came out and ran


He never was one to show himself

Very few people have tried and dismayed themselves

It was there i wondered, and i started to know

My heart was leaning to you and started to grow


I remember swimming in pool with partners i cannot mention 😉

I remember troddling the water hoping for your attention

I remember the days we spent in your room, we drank and worked till the sun did set

I remember those moments we shared and i promise i will never forget


To all these things we shared, to all these fleeting glimpses of happiness;

I know in my heart it will be as it is, faded moments forever in tranced

In memories i would keep till my last days of chance

But for now, i could say, these little things, other forget in a glance

Have made its way to my heart and there it continues to grow as time advance


I love you love… Happy Monthsary!

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